African Americans have a history of seeking a route that is not always accessible for their growth. Many of us have worked our way into a corporate space that makes us feel like we can’t grow and move forward because we are culturally misunderstood and candidates aren’t chosen based on ability to do the job, but on the norms of the dominant culture in the workplace. This has caused many of us to go into entrepreneurship and business ownership. Rebelling against the narrative that a typical job or degree leads to success. This rebellious attitude is what we believe will lead to action that will bring the black economy and community to new heights. We want to play our part in helping the black economy by partnering with these businesses and helping them position themselves and their brand to reach their highest level of success. For the people in our community who don’t want to stop at having a seat at the table but want to establish their own table to sit at. For The people who rebel against the typical 9 to 5. The people who have a good idea they want to implement. The ones who want to create a space for themselves and their communities while they restructure the current social structure of gatekeepers. We're here to support, learn, serve and grow with you. We belive Rebels Create Culture and together we can reach newheights.